Word, Excel and PowerPoint – Saving files as PDFs

You need a PDF copy of your document or spreadsheet

SOLUTION: Create a PDF straight from Word or Excel.

Word, Excel & PowerPoint 2010 & 2013 – Save your document as a PDF

Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013 offer you the ability to save your document as a PDF, even if you don’t have PDF creation software loaded on your computer.

To do this:

  1. Open the file you want to PDF.
  2. From the File tab select Save As.
  3. Select the location for the saved file.  In the Save As dialog box click the drop-down arrow for the Save as type list.  Select PDF.

Note: this doesn’t secure the PDF for password security.  If this is a requirement within your organisation please contact your administrator to find out the software you should be using to do this.

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