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Outlook – removing old email addresses from the Address list

PROBLEM: redundant email addresses popping up in your AutoComplete list causing you to have to scroll to find the correct address.

SOLUTION: Remove the unwanted email addresses from your Outlook AutoComplete list.


Outlook – Clean up the AutoComplete list

When you type an email address into the To: field of a message Outlook displays a list of potential recipients.  This list is built from addresses you have previously emailed.  The feature is called AutoComplete.  Unfortunately the AutoComplete list can become filled with email addresses you no longer need.  You can remove addresses from the list.

To do this:

  1. Start to type the address in the To: field.  All list entries that could be a potential match to the address will be displayed.
  2. Click the delete icon to the right of the name.


  1. Press the DOWN ARROW on the keyboard until you have the name you want to delete selected.
  2. Press the DELETE key.  The name will be deleted from the list.



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