PowerPoint – Shortcut keys for confidently controlling a presentation

PROBLEM: relying on a mouse to drive your PowerPoint presentation. What if there isn’t one available?

SOLUTION: use shortcut keys to drive a PowerPoint presentation.


PowerPoint 2010, 2013 & 2016 – Shortcut keys for driving the presentation

Use shortcut keys to quickly drive your presentation.

  • To start the presentation press F5
  • To start the presentation from the slide you are currently viewing in PowerPoint press Shift + F5.
  • To move to the next slide press N or Page Down
  • To move to the previous slide press P or Page Up
  • To escape out of the presentation screen press Esc 
  • To resume the presentation from the slide you currently have selected press SHIFT + F5
  • To instantly call up a white screen press W or for a black screen press B. To continue from either of these screens press any key.
  • To move quickly to a slide just type the slide number and press ENTER.  For example to move to slide 6 just type “6” and then press ENTER.

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