PowerPoint, Word, Excel – nudging shapes so that they align nicely

PROBLEM: Have you ever tried to perfectly align a line of check
boxes or shapes?  It’s not easy!

SOLUTION: Take control and easily knock wayward shapes back into line.  Note: check out the tip on nudging – it’s fabulous!

PowerPoint, Word, Excel – Aligning Shapes

The Rectangle shape is a fabulous tool for creating check-boxes on a form. Take command of wayward Shapes using the Align options on the Format tab.

  1. Hold down SHIFT and select each Shape you would like aligned.
  2. Click the Format tab and then click Align.
  3. Select the appropriate alignment option.  The selected Shapes will now be aligned according to your selection, e.g. if you selected Align Left, the left side of all selected objects will be aligned with each other.

Super tip! to give a single Shape a wee nudge select the shape and then press CTRL and one of the directional arrow keys.

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