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Office – Changing the screen to gain more screen real estate

PROBLEM: Needing more screen and less Ribbon (great for tablets).

SOLUTION: Gain more screen “real-estate” by changing your display settings.



Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook – Gain more screen real estate

If you find you just aren’t getting enough screen space follow the steps below for Microsoft Office and Office 365 Online.

  • Double-click the active tab name.  The Ribbon will be hidden.  Now click any tab once and the Ribbon will drop-down.  When you click away the Ribbon will once again be hidden, much like menus from previous versions of Office.
  • In Office 2013 and 2016 you can click the Ribbon Display Options button on the top right of the screen.  From here select the option that will best suit.
  • If you are using a touch screen, from the Quick Access Toolbar try clicking the Touch/Mouse mode button.  If you are using a mouse be sure to select this mode and you will suddenly have a more compact screen.

Note: To display the Ribbon again just double-click any tab.

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