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Excel – Fit your worksheet on 1 page when it prints

PROBLEM: wasting time mucking around with column widths and font sizes so that Excel worksheet data will print on one page.

SOLUTION: within seconds ensure Excel worksheets always fit to the width and height of a printed page.

Excel – Set your worksheet to print on 1 page
  1. On the Page Layout tab from the Scale to Fit group click the Width drop-down arrow and then select 1 page.
  2. From the Height drop-down list select 1 page.
  3. The worksheet will now be set to print on 1 page.

Tip: you can also change the print settings when you print.  From the Print tab change the scaling option to Fit Sheet on One Page.

Note: if the worksheet is large the font will be scaled to ensure it will fit to the single page when printed.  It pays to do a Print Preview before you print to make sure you are happy with the adjustments. If the font has become too small try changing the scaling options to Fit All Columns on One Page or the Fit All Rows on One Page options to see if they give a better result.

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