Excel – change the text to uppercase, lowercase or first capital

PROBLEM: having to retype text when your data is in UPPERCASE, lowercase or a Mix oF bOTH.

SOLUTION: quickly change the text back to the proper case without having to retype it.

Excel – Change the case of your text using CASE functions

Use the UPPER, LOWER and PROPER functions to change data to upper, lower and proper case.

The functions to use are:

=UPPER(cell reference) to change the cell contents to UPPER case.

=LOWER(cell reference) to change the cell contents to lower case.

=PROPER(cell reference) to change the cell contents to Proper case.

The examples below show how to change the data to each type of case.

The formulas displayed in column C are the formulas used to display the text in column B.¬† If you want to replace the formulas with the results copy and then paste the data as values.¬† I’ve popped a link to how to use Paste Values below.

The Case functions are included in my Excel Data Cleaning and Reporting course along with other fabulous functions like Vlookup and Hlookup.


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