Microsoft® Excel Combining, Analysing and Reporting – Stage 3

Half-day course (3.5 hours)

About this course

This half-day course has been designed to introduce the features that assist you in combining, analysing and reporting on large data lists.

The aim is to ensure you gain a good grounding in analysing and reporting using functions and advanced Excel features.

Who should attend?

This course is definitely for you if …

  • You find yourself spending a lot of time reformatted data before it can be useful
  • You want to learn how to combine and cross-reference from multiple worksheets
  • You want to analyse your data quickly using functions
  • You want to learn how to quickly consolidate and analyse data into meaningful Pivot Table reports


Proficiency in creating, formatting, editing, saving and printing an Excel workbook. This includes the ability to create formulas and insert functions.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you should be able to confidently:

  • Use functions, and data cleaning features to prepare data so that it’s fit for analysis and reporting
  • Quickly combine and cross-reference data from multiple worksheets
  • Manage and analyse data using Tables
  • Create dynamic reports using Pivot Tables

Attendance Certificate

Need proof of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? On completion of the session, by request, we will send you a “Certificate of Attendance” confirming your participation and the duration of the training session.

Course Duration

Workshop delivery consists of 3.5 hours hands-on tuition. Please note the duration is set for a maximum of 12 people. Individual coaching can be customised to suit. Please contact us to discuss.

If you are looking for an advanced course that includes time to complete practical exercises please refer to our full day course Excel Data Cleaning and Reporting.

Course Content

Preparing data for reporting

  • Identify and removing duplicate records
  • Change numbers formatted as text back to numbers
  • Join the content of several cells into one cell
  • Split a single column of data into several columns
  • Quickly remove unwanted text and unwanted spaces inside of cells

Combining and analysing data

  • Pull data from multiple worksheets into one summary sheet
  • Use the VLOOKUP function to match and pull data from other data lists
  • Manage and analyse data ranges using the Table feature
  • Use dynamic Table ranges in formulas and Pivot Tables

Creating Pivot Tables

  • Ensure your data is fit for pivoting
  • Create a new Pivot Table
  • Understand the Pivot Table cache
  • Change the layout and formatting of the report
  • Control how the data, totals and subtotals are displayed and summarized
  • Sort and filter the data
  • Insert Slicers (and Timelines in Excel 2013 and 2016 only)
  • Group dates by month, quarter and year
  • Display values as percentages of totals
  • Refreshing and resetting the source data
  • Create a PivotTable from multiple worksheets


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