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Do your documents reflect well on your organisation?

Most of us have used a template in the past to create a presentation or start a document, and many of us are guilty of reusing the last great version of a document as a starting point instead of locating and using a template.  This pragmatic approach helps to avoid wheel reinvention and utilises the efforts of the clever person who created the file in the first place – however, the problem with reusing a last good version versus using a template is that your new file takes on any issues that existed in the original doc, and you could very likely be using out of date branding, terminology and styles.

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Word – adding the document filename and pathname in a Header or Footer

Today I delivered Office upgrade training and during the session I was asked to demonstrate how to add the file name and path name of a Word document into a Header or Footer. Unfortunately this isn’t a simple “one-click” process so I thought it would be an excellent tutorial to share.

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