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Put new skills into practice straight away

The course has been absolutely brilliant! Sharyn’s facilitation and teaching style is amazing as she teaches in a way that ensures the information is understood and the new skills are practiced straight away. Our guys were thrilled about the new skills they learnt and put them into practice straight away.
Katie Li, HR Manager, Apex Valves, Avondale

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   Onsite. We come to you

That’s right … no travel or parking hassles because we come onsite to you on a day and time that works for you. We travel all over the greater part of Auckland, from Orewa down to Pukekohe. Need training laptops? Not a problem. We can bring laptops for you to use, free of charge.

   Training specific to business

We work with businesses every day so we create our Microsoft® Office courses with content that is going to provide the best outcomes for your business. Select from one of our generic courses or use it as a starting point to customise your own.

   Adaptable for one or many learners

Whether you are the sole member of your business or you have a team who need assistance, our sessions are fully adaptable to suit 1-on-1 and group sessions. Training courses are available for Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Office365, OneNote and SharePoint.

   Flexible session duration

We know your time is precious so we have created flexible session timings. Choose from 1-hour rapid fire group sessions or half or full day sessions for yourself (1-on-1), you and a buddy or a group session for your team.


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Your training style is wonderful

Thank you so much once again for the training yesterday. Feedback from the team is all very positive. Your training style is wonderful, and even the members of the team who probably considered themselves as capable Excel users had their minds blown a number of times.. which is awesome!
Craig Williams, National Sales Manager, Royal Canin, Ellerslie

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It was invaluable

Thank you so much. I really meant it when I said it was invaluable. Just the simple tools you gave us, like LEFT and TRIM etc are so useful, let alone the amazing things we’ll be able to do with VLOOKUP and MATCH and INDEX and TEXT etc. Very exciting!
Rachael Stevenson – AlexanderDorrington Lawyers, Shortland Street, City

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Already applying their knowledge

Just want to say a big thank you for the day, the delivery and the content. The referral forms all speak for themselves and the team are already applying their knowledge.
Penny Smith, Village Manager Hillsborough Heights – Metlifecare Hillsborough

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How to calculate GST at 15% using Excel formulas

I have been asked twice in one week how to write Excel formulas to calculate GST at the rate of 15%.

You can find information on how to calculate GST on the NZ Inland Revenue website. I’ve taken this a step further and put together a tutorial on how to put these calculations into Excel formulas.


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Sharyn Baines

Excel – Using VLOOKUP to compare two lists

Years ago the Training and Development manager of a large organisation invited me to spend some time in their Accounts department in order to observe how the Accounts team dealt with their day-to-day tasks. My job was to report on any process that could be improved using Microsoft® Excel.

I’ll always remember asking one of the team (a “just-out-of-school” new recruit) what he was working on after I’d observed him sitting with a red biro and a ruler, diligently drawing red lines on 2 separate sheets of paper. It turned out he was trying to reconcile a customer’s account. Read more

Sharyn Baines

Managing Meetings using OneNote

Ahh…glorious OneNote. The more I use it the more I love it.

For some reason OneNote still seems to be a well-kept secret, but it shouldn’t be, as it’s a brilliant tool for research, planning and collaborating with colleagues and partners.

Within our business we manage meetings using OneNote and it’s fantastic. In this post I’m going to share how OneNote’s awesome digital note-taking features with Outlook integration promote super-efficiency around managing meetings. Read more

Susan Carlow

Excel – How do I merge cells within a range that is formatted as a Table?

PROBLEM: when I use “Format as Table” to format a range the “Merge and Center” button becomes inactive and I can no longer merge cells.  Why?
SOLUTION: the Table format will stop the merging of cells.  However there is a work-around.

The Format as Table command can be used to quickly apply a professional format to a selected range.  However, in applying the format you are also applying the functionality that Tables offer.  As a result you will no longer be able to merge cells. Read more

Sharyn Baines

Word – How do I remove a Footnote separator line in Word?

Here’s a common question about Footnotes in Word. “When I insert a Footnote into my Word document a separator line is automatically inserted above the footnote reference. How do I remove the line?”

It’ a bit of a process to get rid of it.  Let me show you how… Read more

Sharyn Baines