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No ‘techie’ speak • Polish existing skills or take them to a new level
• Go from absolute beginner to a confident, super proficient user in no time!

Excel Training Courses

Onsite Workshops and Coaching

Excel Stage 1 course

Excel Essential Skills

Fast track to becoming a Confident, Super Productive user of Microsoft® Excel.

Excel Stage 2 course

Excel Organise and Analyse Data

Fast-track your Excel skills to the NEXT LEVEL. 

Excel Stage 3 course

Excel Combine, Analyse and Report

Take your skills up MORE than a few notches! Learn Lookup functions, Tables and Pivot Tables.

Excel Training Online Courses

Excel Training Online

Excel Essential Skills

Stage 1. Fast track from Beginner to a Confident, Super Productive user of Microsoft® Excel. Stage 1 & 2 'Bundle' offer available.

Excel Training Online

Excel Organise and Analyse Data

Stage 2. Fast-track your Excel skills to the NEXT LEVEL. Stage 1 & 2 'Bundle' offer available.

Excel Combine, Analyse and Report

Take your skills up MORE than a few notches! Learn Lookup functions, Tables and Pivot Tables and Charts. COMING SOON!

Microsoft 365 Training Courses

Onsite and Coaching

Microsoft 365 Getting Started course

Office 365 Getting Started

The first step in becoming a proficient user of Microsoft 365. Work anywhere, from any device.

Microsoft 365 Power Tips training

Office 365 Power Tips

Best practice tips for working in the cloud and collaborating using Microsoft 365. Power up!

Teams Getting Started Course

Teams Getting Started

With group chat, online meetings, file sharing and web conferencing, productivity will go through the roof!

Microsoft Teams Power Tips Course

Teams Power Tips

Best practice tips to keep you productive working in the cloud and collaborating in Teams.

We bring the training to you.


  • Practical, straight forward training
  • Guidance using easy to understand examples and explanations
  • Topics that will save you time
  • Work smarter, NOT harder 
  • Improve your understanding of Microsoft Office today!

Training that works for you...

  • Onsite. We come to you!
    That’s right … no travel or parking hassles because we come in-house to you on a day that works for you and your team. We travel all over Auckland delivering group sessions. Need training laptops? Not a problem. We can supply laptops for you to use.
  • Online. Learn from anywhere
    Join one of our online sessions from anywhere. No travel or parking hassles. Learn from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Training specific to Business
    We work with businesses every day and know first-hand just what skills are required within a business environment. That’s why we create our courses with content that is going to provide you with the best outcomes for your business. Select from one of our generic courses or use it as a starting point to customise your own.
  • From Beginner to Beyond Proficient
    We specialise in delivering training that moves learners from an 'absolute beginner' level, through to a 'high-end intermediate' level. Learn from certified Microsoft Office Specialists who use a friendly, non-jargon approach. No technical language! Enjoy explanations in a language that is easy to understand. 

Katie Li

HR Manager, West  Auckland

Put new skills into practice straight away

The course has been absolutely brilliant! Sharyn’s facilitation and teaching style is amazing as she teaches in a way that ensures the information is understood and the new skills are practiced straight away. Our guys were thrilled about the new skills they learnt and put them into practice straight away.

Penny Smith

Village Manager Hillsborough Heights, Metlifecare

Already applying their knowledge

Just want to say a big thank you for the day, the delivery and the content. The referral forms all speak for themselves and the team are already applying their knowledge.

Tony Hayes

General Manager, Auckland

Excellent engagement and training style

Not an easy subject matter to instruct on, but your style is perfect.

Rachael Stevenson

Alexander Dorrington Lawyers, Shortland Street, City

It was invaluable!

Thank you so much. I really meant it when I said it was invaluable. Just the simple tools you gave us, like LEFT and TRIM etc are so useful, let alone the amazing things we’ll be able to do with VLOOKUP and TEXT etc. Very exciting!

Craig Williams

Country Manager, New Zealand

Your training style is wonderful

Thank you so much once again for the training yesterday. Feedback from the team is all very positive. Your training style is wonderful, and even the members of the team who probably considered themselves as capable Excel users had their minds blown a number of times.. which is awesome!

4.8 out of 5 STAR RATING!

We asked our learners to rate the quality and relevance of what they learned.

Here’s what they shared with us…

  • 80% gave us an overall rating of EXCELLENT with 5 stars. 19% rated us as VERY GOOD.
  • 93% rated our trainers as EXCELLENT with 6% rating us as VERY GOOD.
  • 93% rated the relevance of the content to their work as EXCELLENT or VERY GOOD.
  • For those who could instantly see how the training would save them time, 75% said they would now save on average between 1 to 3 hours per week25% saved 3 hours+!!

We’re HAPPY with that!

* these figures are based on feedback received from learners from Jan 2019 to Oct 2019. 
5 stars is Excellent, 4 Very good, 3 Good, 2 Satisfied, 1 Fair.

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