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PowerPoint training – 3 presentation tips you will love!

If you present using PowerPoint you will love these tips.

Tip #1: Pausing mid-presentation

Often when I’m presenting there are times when I need to pause my presentation. For example, a break may be scheduled mid-presentation.

The quickest way to pause the preso is to press B for black or W for white. The B will pause your pesentation with a black screen and W will display a white screen. When you are ready to get started just press any key to return to the presentation.

Tip#2: Writing on the screen

Have you ever wanted to highlight something on the screen? You may enjoy using the Pen and Highlighter features. During your presentation simply right-click and then select Pen or Highlighter from Pointer Options. Now you can use the mouse pointer to draw and highlight on the screen. To change back to an arrow pointer right-click and then select Arrow from the Pointer Options.

Note: when you finish the presentation PowerPoint will display a prompt asking “Do you want to keep your ink notations?”. If you select Keep your notations will be saved to the slides.

Tip#3: Shortcut for jumping to a slide

I love this tip. I only became aware of this tip recently. If during your presentation you want to quickly jump to a slide number just type the slide number and then press ENTER. PowerPoint will jump you to the slide. You could also right-click and select the slide number from the Go to Slide option. However I like this option more.


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