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Word – How do I remove a Footnote separator line in Word?

Here’s a common question about Footnotes in Word. “When I insert a Footnote into my Word document a separator line is automatically inserted above the footnote reference. How do I remove the  footnote separator line?”

It’s a bit of a process to get rid of it.  Let me show you how.

Removing the footnote separator line

  1. First from the References tab insert your Footnote. By default a separator line will be inserted above the Footnote text.Word footnote line
  2. Now change your document view to Draft. From the View tab click Draft.Word Draft view
  3. If the Footnotes pane isn’t visible click Show Notes on the References tab.
  4. From the Footnotes drop-down list select Footnote Separator.Footnote separator line
  5. The pane will display the separator line.
  6. Select the separator line and press DELETE.
  7. Now change the document view back to Print Layout view.
  8. Your footnotes will now be displayed without the separator line.Word footnote line

If you would like to change the length or style of the separator line go back to the Draft view, select the Footnote Separator option and then select the formats and style you want applied to the separator line.

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