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Excel – Working with merged cells (merging and fixing problems)

Ever tried to centre a heading over the top of a number of columns? It can be a little frustrating, especially when you can’t quite get it to sit as you would like. Last month saw me running multiple Stage 1 Excel courses and it reminded me that this problem frustrates so many. I love hearing the “oh wows” when I show the class how the Merge and Center command allows you to easily centre headings over tables of data. Sadly I won’t be able to hear you saying “oh wow” but feel free to contact me if you enjoy the tutorial.

Merging cells tutorial

In this lesson you will learn how to centre headings across a table of data using Merge and Center cells. Includes merging cells within a table, unmerging cells and dealing with error messages. e.g. this operation requires the merged cells to be identically sized.

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