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Outlook – select only the days you want to see in your Calendar

PROBLEM: Clicking backward and forward through your Calendar to view upcoming dates.  For example, what the next fortnight is looking like.

SOLUTION: Update the Calendar to only show the dates you want.

Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016 – Viewing a set number of days in your Calendar

Outlook offers the ability to view your Calendar items by Day, Working Week, Week and Month.  But what if you just want to view the next two or three days only?  To view a set number of consecutive days:

  1. Go to your Calendar.
  2. In the Date Navigator click and drag over the number of consecutive days you want to view.  Hint, to see a fortnight you would click and drag over 2 weeks.
  3. The Calendar view will now update to show only the days selected.
  4. To change to another view simply click the Day, Working Week, Week and Month option buttons or click a single day in the Date Navigator.

Extra Special Tip: Try holding down your CTRL key and selecting random days, for example the next four Fridays.  Now only those days will be shown in the Calendar.
Very cool!

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