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Excel – Super quick way to copy formulas

PROBLEM: Having to click and drag…and drag….and drag…to copy a formula down a large number of rows.

SOLUTION: Start using the AutoFill secret shortcut.  You’ll love it!

Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016 – AutoFill to the same point as a neighbouring column

You can double-click the AutoFill handle on the lower right of a cell to copy the cell content down the column into the same number of cells as a neighbouring (adjacent) column.

Example A 

Example A above shows a worksheet with the Total Gross and Tax columns completed.  The cell holding the calculation to find the total net payment is at the top of the Total Net column and is currently selected.  An arrow indicates the AutoFill handle.

Example B

Example B shows how double-clicking the AutoFill handle copies the selected cell content down the column.  However it stops when it reaches the point where the adjacent Tax column no longer has cells containing data.

This is a fantastic way to copy data when you have large numbers of rows.  Sure beats clicking and dragging!

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