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Set SharePoint to Classic View

Susan CarlowDon’t like change? Then you may prefer to use SharePoint in the classic view, instead of the updated mode that comes with Office 365 upgrades.

Classic View Experience

Whilst automatic (and free) upgrades are a major benefit of Office 365, they can be off putting to users, and make a real dent in productivity.  Here’s how the Administrator can change the view back to classic view (at site level):

  1. Go to Admin Center > SharePoint Admin Center > Settings
  2. In the SharePoint Lists and Libraries experience section, click Classic experience

sharepoint classic-view


Easy for Users to return to Classic View

Here’s how users can change their individual view back to classic mode:

  1. At the bottom left corner of the screen, click Return to classic SharePoint
  2. If you want to switch back to new mode, close the browser and reopen it

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