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Add video to your SharePoint Health and Safety site

Susan Carlow

You can add a video to any site to make your SharePoint intranet more interesting.

It helps motivate staff and provides quick learning snippets (micro-learning) environment.

Multi media adds interest and variety

There’s loads of great content already available on YouTube (and other video sharing sites) and I recommend using video media for your Training and Sales sites, as well as including in policy wikis.  A succinct video helps staff to learn a new process or see how something should be done really quickly, and hopefully it’s compelling and engaging too.  You could even create your own videos of staff at work, showing good practice, or even depicting bad practice and how to avoid it.

Health and Safety training

It makes a lot of sense to have videos on your Health and Safety site.  A short video on CPR or first aid could save a life! Worksafe New Zealand have a number of humorous vids that you can insert into your site page, or start adding to a library for staff to view.

How to add a video to a SharePoint page

To add a video to a page, locate the video you want from a video sharing site.  These instructions are for adding a vid from YouTube.  Click Share, then click on Embed to find the embed code, then click to select the code and Copy (Ctrl + C).  Go to your SharePoint page and click to Edit Page.  Click on the page where you want the video to display, click Insert > Video and Audio >EmbedPaste (Ctrl + V) the embed code and click Insert.

Save your page, and voila!  There you have your interesting, motivational and potentially life-saving video media.

Remember to let staff know there’s a new video to watch, you could ‘sell it’ on the Home site page in a newsfeed, or write a blog post reminding staff how important H&S is and their responsibilities.  I recommend that you also link to the main H&S policy in your wiki or document library.  Give users quick links to everything that’s related to the policy, and encourage them to ‘click around’ to learn more.

SharePoint health and safety page

For more information on how we can help you with SharePoint training and intranet development, including building your H&S site please contact me.  We also offer training in Office 365 and OneNote.

Susan Carlow

Susan is a dedicated and energetic IT professional with over 25 years experience working with world-class IT systems, methodologies and organisations and over 20 years of experience in training and development.

She has the knack of relating to users, easily translating techie-speak and complex system processes into real-life terms to ensure learners ‘get it’.  She specialises in identifying your business issues and any barriers that stop users from getting what they need from their technology.

Over the years, Susan has worked with renowned companies such as DHL, British Airways, Sky City, Vector, Auckland Council and Beca – designing and delivering quality learning solutions, increasing user productivity and helping them to reach their business goals.Susan is a certified Microsoft® Office Specialist specialising in OneNote, Office 365, Lync (Skype for Business) and SharePoint.  She offers training, design and development services for all versions of SharePoint server, as well as cloud SharePoint – the online offering in Office 365.

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