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Creating a new Microsoft Account

If you don’t yet have a Microsoft Account follow the steps below to set one up.

  1. First head to account.microsoft.com and click ‘Sign in with Microsoft’. You will be presented with the screen below. Click ‘Create one!’.

Create Microsoft Account

2. Enter your phone number and click Next.

Create Microsoft Account

3. Enter your email address and click Next. Microsoft will now send an email to the address you entered.

Create Microsoft Account

4. Make your way to your Mailbox for the email address you provided and verify your email address.

Create Microsoft Account

5. You will then be logged into Office. Ignore the advertising at the top of the screen and the Microsoft bar and menu options. Click Services and subscriptions.

6. On this page just click the option you require. For example, if you would like to do a 30-day trial of Office 365 click Try Office 365 for free. If you would like to use the free Office Online option click Use Office Online for free.

7. You will then be logged into this area.