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Sort an Excel list into numerical, date or alphabetical order

sharyn baines Sort an Excel list into numerical, date or alphabetical order to organise your data into a more useful arrangement.

Once you know how to use the Sort command you can organise information so that it’s easier to interpret. For example, if you receive a list of purchases made by many different clients on different days of the month it may be easier to see which clients are buying from you at different times of the month. By sorting the data by client and by date you can easily analyse who is buying and when.

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Freezing column and row labels in Excel

sharyn bainesFreezing column and row labels in Excel (a.k.a Freeze Panes) locks parts of your screen so that you don’t lose sight of the heading labels at the top of a column or beginning of a row when you scroll.

When working on large worksheets, labels used to identify data can be lost when you scroll in either direction, and then you find yourself wasting time scrolling backwards and forwards, up and down, just to check you are actually in the correct column and row. Read more

Move, Copy and Paste information in Excel

sharyn baines

Learn how to move, copy and paste information in Excel. Once you have mastered Cut, Copy and Paste you will find yourself shifting data around easily and reusing copied data, saving you the need to recreate the same information again.

All Windows applications have access to the Windows Clipboard. This is a special area used for moving and copying information.

The ‘Cut’ command moves a selection to the Clipboard while the ‘Copy’ command copies a selection to the Clipboard.

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Insert page breaks and scale an Excel worksheet for printing

sharyn bainesLearn how to insert page breaks and scale an Excel worksheet for printing.

Once you have your worksheet created and formatted you may want to print it. Printing can be extremely challenging if you don’t know how to control where page breaks occur and how to fit your worksheet to print on a page so that you avoid having one row or one column printing on a following page.

The Page Setup commands allow you to set the appearance of the printed worksheet.  Many Page Setup options apply to every page of the active worksheet. Read more

How to total a range of cells in Excel

sharyn bainesThe quickest way to total a range of cells in Excel is to use the SUM function.

The Sum function is one of the most commonly used functions in Excel. The function requires the first and last cells within a list, it then includes them and every cell between them into the total. For example =SUM(C4:C10) replaces the need to enter =C4+C5+C6+C7+C8+C9+C10.

Maybe you could just create a formula to add each of the cells when there only 7 of them…but imagine if there were 7000! Yikes! That’s when the SUM function becomes an amazing tool to have in your toolbox.
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