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The topics in the PowerPoint Professional Presentations category focus on the features of PowerPoint that give your presentation a professional make-over. The aim is to ensure you gain a good grounding in the more advanced skills needed to create and present a professional on-screen presentation.

PowerPoint – add additional text, formatting and your logo to audience handouts

sharyn baines

If you would like your audience handouts to have a professional look and conform to your organisation’s brand, consider importing your presentation into Word where you can then including additional text like a cover page, your contact details, and your company logo.

Audience hand-outs can easily be printed directly from PowerPoint simply by navigating to the File tab and then to Print. From the Settings options you can change from printing “Full Page Slides” to Handouts. From the Handouts gallery you can choose the layout required.
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PowerPoint – updating your presentation with your company template

Sharyn Baines

In this post I want to share with you how to update an existing presentation with your new company template.

I recently ran a PowerPoint course for a Sales Team.  One of the biggest challenges they had was updating their existing presentations (which were large and extremely comprehensive) to the new company template.  Their organisation had recently re-branded and they had been asked to ensure ALL presentations to clients were using the new template.

Before I arrived it had been a cutting and pasting frenzy.  Apparently it had been taking forever and had caused a few people to become very stressed.

Within a few minutes I had them laughing at how easy it was. Continue Reading

PowerPoint – Add animation to elements of a Chart

PROBLEM: Wasting time creating multiple copies of the same chart so that the audience sees each data series introduced individually.  For example, data for Week 1 is displayed on one slide then the data for week 2 is added on the next slide…and so on.

SOLUTION: quickly add animation to a Chart in PowerPoint.  Use animation to display elements as required. Read more

Microsoft PowerPoint shortcut keys for running a presentation

If you present using PowerPoint you will love these Microsoft PowerPoint shortcut keys for running a presentation.

Even if you create presentations for other people share these tips with them. They will love you for it!

I find these super useful, especially if there isn’t a mouse available. I found them a life-saver when I was running a seminar for a large corporate and as I stood at the podium in front of a large audience I realised their IT team had set me up a keyboard but no mouse!

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