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The posts within the Microsoft Word category are perfect for you if you’d like to confidently work with elements found in large, complex documents and confidently prepare and share documents with other people.

PowerPoint – add additional text, formatting and your logo to audience handouts

sharyn baines

If you would like your audience handouts to have a professional look and conform to your organisation’s brand, consider importing your presentation into Word where you can then including additional text like a cover page, your contact details, and your company logo.

Audience hand-outs can easily be printed directly from PowerPoint simply by navigating to the File tab and then to Print. From the Settings options you can change from printing “Full Page Slides” to Handouts. From the Handouts gallery you can choose the layout required.
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Don’t be fooled – protecting isn’t bullet-proof

sharyn bainesWhen I’m asked to teach a class on how to restrict editing within a document, the first 5 minutes of my instruction is usually spent explaining that protecting isn’t bullet-proof.

Why do I do this?  Because I have met so many people who assume that restricting the editing of a document by adding a password is in fact securing it so that only the holder or holders of the password can access the file.  Not true!  Via the Internet you can easily access a multitude of work-arounds that coach you through how to easily access the content of a restricted file. Read more

Microsoft Word – insert symbols using shortcut keys

If you are finding yourself repeatedly making your way to the Insert tab to insert a symbol into a Word document you might like to teach yourself the shortcut keys to insert symbols.

You’ll save yourself oodles of time.

Microsoft Word has pre-defined shortcuts keys already mapped to the most popular symbols. However you can easily set your own shortcut keys to any symbol you require.