Microsoft® Excel Stage 2 Training Course.​​

Take your skills to the NEXT LEVEL!
Become a Confident, Super Productive intermediate user of Excel

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Introducing our


course...the NEXT-STEP in becoming a proficient user of Excel!

Are you and your team ready to take your skills to the NEXT LEVEL?

Sick of doing it the long, hard way and asking yourself, "surely there is an easier, quicker way"?


Or maybe you're wanting to take your skills up a couple of notches so that you no longer need to ask for help...or maybe you'd like to polish your skills so that your business has that professional edge!

If this sounds like you...this course is perfect for you!

Onsite. We come to you!

  • That’s right … no travel or parking hassles because we come onsite to you on a day that works for you and your team. We travel all over the greater part of Auckland, from Orewa down to Pukekohe delivering group sessions. Need training laptops? Not a problem. We can bring laptops for you to use, no charge. We have 6 to share.

Here’s What You'll Discover in this Workshop:

Expert Guidance

Guided learning, covering only what you need to move to the next level of understanding Excel. Not only will attendees become a proficient level 2 users of Excel, they will also learn how to avoid those scary 'gotcha' moments so that they are fully supported after the training!  And if they need assistance after the learning, all they need to do is email and we'll be right there to help.

Content that works!

The questions, feedback and suggestions from the many, many people who have completed this workshop have helped hone this learning so that it really works. We know just what learners need to know to have them working confidently in Excel. No waffle and no 'technical-speak'. No wasting your time!

Support resources

Learners are fully supported during and after the workshop with a comprehensive workbook - print copy of the learning, along with file downloads for every exercise we cover together. We use these to practice during the workshop, and they are super popular as a reference to support the learners after the training.

Certificate of Attendance

Need proof of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? On completion of the workshop, by request, we will send learners a “Certificate of Attendance” confirming their participation and the duration of the training session.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Manea Collins

Account Specialist

"Excellent tutor"

Well explained. I understood every step. Awesome work. Thank you!!

Katie Li

HR Manager

"The course has been absolutely brilliant!"

Sharyn’s facilitation and teaching style is amazing as she teaches in a way that ensures the information is understood and the new skills are practiced straight away. Our guys were thrilled about the new skills they learnt and put them into practice straight away..

Blair Elliot

General Manager Sales and Marketing

Easy and in layman’s terms

Sharyn is an awesome presenter.

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Content that works...

The questions, feedback and suggestions from the many, many people who have completed this workshop have helped hone this learning so that it really works 


Module 1: Working with large tables of data

Working with large tables of data can be overwhelming. Learn the Sort, Subtotal and Filter data tools, (along with a bunch of super helpful shortcut keys, tricks and tips) that will help you become super efficient at organising and anlaysing your data!


Module 2: When formulas don't calculate as expected

Dealing with formulas that don't calculate as expected can be challenging (and a bit scary!). Learn how to avoid 'rubbish' calculations and how to fix formulas so that they copy perfectly.


Module 3: Time saving functions

When you learn how to read and create Functions you add a new bunch of power-tools to your toolbox! Not only will you save time analysing and updating your data, your confidence will go up a couple of notches! Learn the most popular logical functions used within workbooks.


Module 4: Using multiple worksheets

Making updates in several different worksheets or workbooks is time consuming and can lead to errors. Learn how to easily move, copy and update multiple worksheets. How to avoid having to update in multiple places using linked data and how to avoid 'gotcha' moments when working with Linked data (yikes!).

Download a copy of the Course Content sheet

About our trainers


Sharyn has been training Microsoft applications for over two decades. She became the first certified Microsoft® MOUS Authorised Instructor in New Zealand, is endorsed by Microsoft® as a qualified Microsoft® Office Specialist . Sharyn’s unique approach to taking the “techie-speak” out of technology training has placed her as a preferred supplier to many of New Zealand’s leading organisations and Excel facilitator for Excel workshops delivered on behalf of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

Sharyn Baines


Susan is a dedicated and energetic IT professional with over 20 years of experience in training and development. She has the knack of relating to users, easily translating techie-speak and complex system processes into real-life terms to ensure learners ‘get it’.  Susan is a certified Microsoft® Office Specialist. 

Susan Carlow

Frequently asked Questions...

Q: What is the duration of the workshop?

A: 3.5 hours

Q: Is this training suitable for the Mac version of Excel

No, sorry. Even though you would most likely learn a lot that would be applicable to the Mac version, the training has been created for the Windows version for PC only.

Q: Is this suitable for an absolute beginner?

A: No sorry. We recommend you attend our 'Excel Essential Skills - Stage 1' workshop to gain a really good foundation understanding before you attend this workshop.

Q: What do I need to know before I attend?

As this is an intermediate level course the prerequisite is proficiency in creating, formatting, editing, saving and printing an Excel workbook. This includes the ability to create basic formulas and use the SUM function.

Q: Can you come onsite to deliver the training?

Absolutely! We can bring the training to you. That’s right! We come onsite to your place of work on a day and time that works for you. Avoid traffic and parking hassles and learn at work. And if you don’t have training laptops, we can lend you some. We have 6 to share.

Q: Can you supply training laptops for us to use?​​​​

Yes! We have 6 to share. All have Microsoft Office 365 licenses.

Q: Do you have a limit to the number of attendees?

Yes. We have a minimum of 3, maximum of 12. Pricing is adjusted depending on the number of attendees (please see below).

Q: Do you offer 1-on-1 sessions?

No, sorry we don't. If you're looking for training just for you, please check out our public courses through the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and our online version of this workshop.

Q: What age is this appropriate for?

The training is aimed at adults so the minimum age we recommend is 18 years old. We look forward to hearing from you again when you are over 18.

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3 to 4 attendees

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8 to 12 attendees

Price is per person ex GST




*Sessions are 3.5 hours in duration. All bookings are subject to our Booking Terms and Conditions. Pricing is based on the number of attendees per session. Minimum of three attendees, maximum of 12.

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