Personal online training sessions 

Go from Absolute Beginner to a Confident, Super Productive user of Microsoft® apps

Are you needing some focused guidance?  

Maybe you prefer to learn by yourself or with a colleague....

Or, maybe you are time poor and can only spend a few hours learning new ways to work smarter and save time.

If any of these sound familiar...coaching is perfect for you!

Frequently asked Questions...

Q: What is the duration of a coaching session?

A: We have a minimum session time of 2 hours. However, you can include additional time if you like.

Q: Is this training suitable for the Mac version of Microsoft Office?

No, sorry. Even though you would most likely learn a lot that would be applicable to the Mac version, the training has been created for the Windows version for PC only.

Q: Is online coaching suitable for an absolute beginner?

A: Online coaching is PERFECT for an absolute beginner.  If you aren't sure about how to connect to your online session, your coach will call you and talk you through how to connect. We want everything to be hassle-free for you.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for personal coaching?

The only skill prerequisite for online coaching sessions is that you are proficient in using the Microsoft® Windows environment, a mouse and keyboard. We use Microsoft Teams or Zoom 5.0 to deliver live online sessions. Having a webcam and headphones available ensures you can enjoy interacting with your trainer. Please ensure your browser software is up to date too. For the best experience we would recommend using Microsoft Chromium Edge or Google Chrome as your browser. Details on how to connect to your coaching session, along with any supporting resources, will be emailed to you prior to your session.

Q: Can you come onsite to deliver the 1-on-1 training?

No sorry. At the moment we only offer personal training via online sessions.

Q: Do you have a limit to the number of attendees?

Yes. We have a maximum of 2. Pricing is adjusted depending on the number of attendees (please see below).

Q: What age is this appropriate for?

Online coaching is aimed at adults so the minimum age we recommend is 18 years old. We look forward to hearing from you again when you are over 18.

Dates & times go quickly

Please contact us for available dates

1 person only (1-on-1)

*Price ex GST for 1 x 2 hour session



/2-hr session

2 people (1-on-2)

*Price ex GST for 1 x 2 hour session



/2-hr session

*Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours in duration. 

Additional hours per session are charged at $165+GST per hour. 

All bookings are subject to our Booking Terms and Conditions.

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