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Microsoft® PowerPoint – Professional Presentations

Half day course (3.5 hours)


About this course

This half-day course focuses on the features of PowerPoint that give your presentation a professional make-over. The aim is to ensure you gain a good grounding in the more advanced skills needed to create and present a professional on-screen presentation.

Please note: We specialise in delivering this course in-house to small groups or individuals. We don’t run scheduled public courses.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at people who are currently making minor edits to presentations and wish to become fully proficient in using PowerPoint® as an on-screen presentation tool. The course content is designed for a business environment.

This course is for perfect for you if …

  • You find yourself spending hours reformatting presentations that are old or belonged to someone else
  • Your company has new branding and you need to update your existing presentations
  • You are wanting to learn the new features of a new version of PowerPoint
  • You prepare presentations for other people, e.g. Sales and Marketing teams, Management
  • You want to take your old, boring presentations and give them a professional edge


You will already have the essential skills needed to open, edit, format, save and print PowerPoint presentations.

Learning objectives

This hands-on course takes you through creating a professionally styled business presentation. This includes working with an existing presentation to apply the company template, modify slide defaults, import slides from existing presentations, work with images, insert diagrams, sound and video, embedding charts and linking charts from Excel. You then apply movement where appropriate. Finally you will learn how to prepare the presentation for delivery to one or several different audiences, print hand-outs and how to take control when running the presentation.

Additional exercises and practice files are supplied for use during the training and for use post-training, allowing you the opportunity to repeat the exercises again in your own time.

By the end of this course, you should be able to confidently:

  • Give an existing presentation a make-over using your company template
  • Borrow slides from other presentations
  • Apply formatting and compression to images
  • Add video, sound, graphs, hyperlinks and screen shots
  • Use movement to enhance, not distract
  • Prepare supporting documents for the audience and presenter
  • Setup the presentation for multiple audiences
  • Confidently run, pause and restart the presentation

Course content

Updating an existing presentation

  • Applying the company template to an existing presentation
  • Reuse slides from other presentations
  • Updating the Slide Masters to control formatting and objects (e.g. logos) on each slide

Adding objects to enhance your message

  • Create diagrams using SmartArt
  • Format, crop and compress images
  • Inserting charts created in Microsoft® Excel

Inserting media

  • Add video and sound files
  • Embedded vs hyperlinks to Web objects
  • Inserting screen shots
  • Create hyperlinks to slides, web pages and files
  • Edit linked information

Adding movement to your presentation

  • Controlling movement from one slide to the next
  • Adding animation to bullet points
  • Animating pictures, objects , diagrams and charts

Preparation and delivery

  • Customising the slide show options
  • Use the one PowerPoint presentation for multiple audiences using Custom Shows
  • Create Speaker notes
  • Create audience hand-outs
  • Setup and run the presentation using the Presenter view
  • Learn quick tips for running the presentation

Learning method

This course is delivered by a certified Microsoft® Office Specialist and is currently offered as a client workshop or as individual coaching.

Course duration

Workshop delivery consists of 3.5 hours hands-on tuition. Please note the duration is set for a maximum of 12people. Individual coaching can be customised to suit. Please contact us to discuss.

Price and Booking details

We bring the training to you. That’s right! We don’t run scheduled courses. We come to your place of work on a day and time that works for you. Avoid traffic and parking hassles and learn at work. And if you don’t have a laptop, we can lend you one. Pricing is adjusted depending on the number of attendees. Minimum of 3, maximum of 12.

3 to 4 people – $305+GST per person
5 to 7 people – $285+GST per person
8 to 12 people – $265+GST per person

Fabulous Course!
We learnt so much in such a short time frame and it never seemed rushed. I really thought I knew a reasonable amount (about PowerPoint) prior to this. I was so wrong! FABULOUS COURSE! Loved it!

Briar McKendry, Human Resources, Foodstuffs

Excellent day

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the training on Friday. I loved the course and felt totally energised by the day. I’ve also signed up for your emails, so looking forward to getting the weekly and monthly updates. And as an aside…I had one of my most frequent flyers on board in Business Class last night, and he was doing work on his laptop. He uses PowerPoint but didn’t know you could change the appearance of embedded video clips, so I showed him how to do it. He was very impressed, so nice to be able to share my new-found knowledge.

Again, thank you for your teaching style and the wonderful notes, and look forward to catching up again one day.

Graeme Nicholls, after attending a Microsoft® PowerPoint Professional Presentations course