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Move, Copy and Paste information in Excel

Sharyn Baines


Learn how to move, copy and paste information in Excel. Once you have mastered Cut, Copy and Paste you will find yourself shifting data around easily and reusing copied data, saving you the need to recreate the same information again.

All Windows applications have access to the Windows Clipboard. This is a special area used for moving and copying information.

The ‘Cut’ command moves a selection to the Clipboard while the ‘Copy’ command copies a selection to the Clipboard.

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Excel – Copying or moving entire worksheets between workbooks

I’ve had a number of requests to cover copying entire worksheets between files. The number one problem seems to be when the data is pasted into the new worksheet Excel doesn’t resize the column widths to fit the pasted data. Instead the columns seem to reset themselves back to the default width. Possibly the best way to avoid this happening is to use the Move and Copy command in Excel. Read more